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Do you know how to measure a tote bag?


Did you know that various bag styles are measured differently? I didn’t! Sometimes the bag size referenced online can be deceiving. It can also be hard to determine the size from a picture, if the bag is not carried by a model.
Here are some useful hints to look out for and important terms to know …
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Free Downloadable Earth Day Art

Tote bags are a fun and creative way to bring awareness for Earth Day. From different styles and colors, there is always a tote option for you. Try one of our FREE downloadable imprints to place on your next Earth Day custom tote bag order! Continue reading “Free Downloadable Earth Day Art”

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ConventionTotes Eco-Totes at the Emmys

September 20th, 2009

Celebs Enjoy Cool Drinks and Green Totes at the "Emmys Eco Event"
Celebs Enjoy Cool Drinks and Green Totes at the “Emmys Eco Event”

pcoming actress Malin Akerman [Couples Retreat, Watchmen (picture below)] was spotted sipping an organic Cuca Fresca Cocktail at the sustainable “Salt Bar” of the Eco-Emmys Celebrity Gifting & Wellness Chateau Event while carrying her Natural Side Pocket Tote (FLA3) made of 100% Natural Cotton, a courtesy of

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Bagging The Problem

Excerpt from an online article in the WSJ. Various studies have examined whether paper or plastic grocery bags are environmentally friendlier.

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The canvas tote – a fashion statement – as popular as the TEE?

Canvas Bags

The canvas bag revolution. Photograph: Alicia Canter

Is the canvas tote the new TEE? Why not… as an article in the Guardian confirms – the tote is more than an eco-trend… – it also makes for a great fashion-statement… just like the ever popular T-Shirt…
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Are you using your GREEN tote bag?


[an inconvenient bag]

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