What you need:


  1. Pre-wash the fabric – this is to remove any sizing or other surface treatments on the fabric which may prevent the dye from penetrating the fibers easily.  Disclaimer* We recommend to wash on cold and tumble dry. These totes are not pre-shrunk.
  2. Place bag on a flat surface to pinch the center and gather the fabric.
  3. Holding the pinched end in one hand, gather the remaining material, twist and tie together using twine or thick crochet cotton, with a secure knot approximately ½” from the pointed end. Should be into a sausage shape.
  4. Continue tying these knots throughout the material till the end of the handles. Note* where the twine is wrapped and where the gathers fold will leave white areas on the fabric after dyeing.  If you want more white, wrap tightly. For less white, wrap slightly loose.
  5. Soak the wrapped bag in warm water and place in container, sink or covered table or bench.
  6. Wearing gloves, use the dispenser to apply the colors onto the bag in whichever pattern or color scheme.
  7. After the bag is covered in dye, allow it to sit for a couple hours so the dye can penetrate throughout. Note* If you’d like to squeeze the bag, the colors will penetrate more and less white will show.
  8. Place the bag in a tub of water and unwind the twine – this is where the magic happens! Rinse the fabric until the water runs clear and then hang it out to dry.
  9. All done! Enjoy your tote 🙂