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Did you know the number of trees cut down for paper bag consumption, in the US is 14,000,000 – use a tote instead of a paper bag!

National Love A Tree Day
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2016 Colors of the Year!

Rose Quartz and Serenity





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Do you know how to measure a tote bag?


Did you know that various bag styles are measured differently? I didn’t! Sometimes the bag size referenced online can be deceiving. It can also be hard to determine the size from a picture, if the bag is not carried by a model.
Here are some useful hints to look out for and important terms to know …
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Free Downloadable Earth Day Art

Tote bags are a fun and creative way to bring awareness for Earth Day. From different styles and colors, there is always a tote option for you. Try one of our FREE downloadable imprints to place on your next Earth Day custom tote bag order! Continue reading “Free Downloadable Earth Day Art”

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What you need:

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Are you using your GREEN tote bag?


[an inconvenient bag]

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Live Screen Printing: Immediate Message & Tangible Memory

Live screen printing is a fun and creative way to make your event the talk of town. It brings the screen printing process directly to any social gathering or event and gives party guests the opportunity to create their designed tote on the spot. Canvas Totes and Tee Shirts are great print mediums for their universal use and large imprint size. If you don’t want to deal with shirt sizes – totes is definitely the way to go.
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Bags – A tool to raise awareness!

Tote bags used as a canvas for celebrities at a Publicolor hosted event, to raise awareness of students’ commitment to education.

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